These are the main sections of the Saleswith account:

Left side menu:

  • Deals: the first section you see when you open your workspace, it's where you see the deals in the pipeline;
  • Calendar: this is the calendar view of your activities. Move around in the calendar to see all the activities you have scheduled;
  • Companies: your CRM where you keep all your client's details;
  • Projects: when a deal is won, it becomes a project. It's time to deliver the work you promised!
  • Forecast: how much $$$ you're projected to earn from your projects as you bill them;
  • Deal stats: all the insights regarding your deals.

On the bottom left, you'll find:

  • Your user profile;
  • The Account settings where you can invite users and set up the sources, pipeline, categories, statuses, and outcomes.
  • In the account setting, you'll also be able to purchase and manage your subscription.