• Can I have more than one user in my account?
    Yes, absolutely, you can have all the users you need. To add users to your Saleswith account, go to Account Settings>Users

  • What if my team is already using Saleswith?
    In this case, you don’t need to create an account, just ask your team admin to send you an invitation.

  • What happens when the 14-day trial ends?
    If you feel that SalesWith fits your needs, you can purchase a subscription plan for your account to continue using SalesWith. You can cancel your workspace at any time from your Account Settings.

  • Do you offer a free plan?
    No, we do not currently offer a free plan. But you can try Saleswith for free for 14 days during the trial

  • I'm trialing Saleswith and all the views are filled with demo data. How can I start fresh?
    You can clear the Demo data by clicking on the "Remove test data" option on top.

  • How do I ask a question about the product or the price?
    Contact us at support@saleswith.it, or use the help widget inside the web app. We typically respond within one business day.